winter season beauty tips | hair and skin care tips | beauty tips for dry skin in winter season

winter is on the top of their scale of coldness, and reduced the scale of temperature day by day.. although it is the very cold comparatively, people enjoy this season in the term of lots of holidays as well as celebrating new year.

winter comes with lots of fun and enjoyment. But it also bring a massive amount of beauty problems like dry skin, cracked lips and hairfall, dandruff and many more. Here we go for some winter hacks for to bring out the prettiest of you.


° First and important one to protect your skin in winters is a balanced should eat fruits, milk, pulses,minerals, spices and green vegetables to induce the energy in body intirly .

°Hydration is the cheapest and easiest way to keep your skin glowing . strictly make a rule to drink water minimum 8 glass in a day. keep hydrated your body.

°take a sunbath for at least 20 minutes daily.sunshine provide vitamin D for your body, which is very beneficial for the body.

°keep moisturize your skin, specially  in winters. apply the even layer of moisturizer on skin everyday.

°you can use some aayurvedik and home made products to get a glowing face, like take a tea spoon of suger and add few drop of lemon and scrub your face weekly with the help of this pack. the another one is apply aloevera gel(natural) regularly. the dry upper cover of orange ,in the form of powder,apply it by add in the face masks.

°last but not the least, smile is the best medicine for the mental and physical health. it is the best idea to make beautiful. so smile in any condition.


° Winter is the worst season for the hairs, hairfall, dendruff, thin hairs are the main problems usually.

  My own experience is that maithi seeds are the best conditioner for tbe hairs. kerp this seeds in water a day before and next you have to grind it..and apply this on your hair scalpes wash it after trally works to strengthen your hair.

° To get rid off from dendruff, the curd(dahi) is the best ingredient. because it’s nature is cold so apply curd on the hair in the balanced temperature. and wash after is a good conditioner.

°Take 10 minutes of massage of your hairs with normally warm oil two times in a week.

° As possible you should cover your head to protect your hairs and head from cold. But you should open your hair for taking same sunshine as well as air for hairs.

•To protect the lips apply petroleum jelly on it  when needed. not let dry your lips , it hurts the upper layer of lips..


° As always I say exercises should be the best part of your day. It increases your stemina, strengthen your body and keep you physically fit.

° Maditation for at least 15 minutes.

°Take vitamin D as well as C to increase your immune system.

Written by:- Ritu sahu

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