How to protect your physical & mental health in the period of covid

How to protect your physical & mental health in the period of covid

As we all know that covid – 19 is not just an infectious disease rather it is a big bang of problems now too.

How a simple men or women protect their health in this critical situation..
Here I suggest you some key points to turn you on with physical health & mental calmness as well.
Protect your physical health with ..

  1. First you need to strengthen your immune system. now how you strong your immune system with mumma’s kitchen ingredients..yess you can..The besil (tulsi) is the strongest ingredient to protect your immune system. Take 5 leaves of besil daily basis..and be healthy.
  2. the second major thing is turmuric (haldi). turmuric powder is very good antiseptic. but it is also a good immunity booster. you can take it with well as you can add ginger in this shake ..
  3. the third and the essential one is .. wearing mask, wash your hand properly, keep clean your most interacting things, like your mobile screen , remote etc.

In this situation where economic growth, education, jobs, public places, and whole the world was shut down..How we protect our mental health from stress, anxiety and mental calmness.

Here I suggest you about to your mental health protections.

  1. Wake up early morning, see the greenery, natur’s picture, birds.take a meditation period, and yoga as well.
  2. sit with the parents, grand parents, and childrens..share your story with them play some games..and eat the meal all together.
  3. write something about the day in your diary..sing a song.deep breaths..and make a time table of your activities .. So guys! here are some points of my view to protect you physically and mentally..I hope you like it .
  • Written by :- Ritu Sahu

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